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Cancer Pain

Your pain management specialist is instrumental in helping you to manage cancer-related pain. While the causes of pain differ depending on the type of cancer and the disease progression, it is well-documented that interventional pain management treatments can significantly reduce pain and increase your quality of life.

Treatment options include:

If you suffer from cancer related pain or know someone that does, please consult your oncologist regarding whether interventional pain management is an option for you.

Then ask your one of your cancer treatment team to refer you to a doctor at the The Spine and Pain Institute of New York.

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If you suffer cancer related pain, please talk to your oncologist to find out if interventional pain management is an option to management your pain. If it is an option, ask your oncologist or cancer treatment team member to refer you to The Spine and Pain Institute of New York. We would be happy to make an appointment for a consultation and provide information about treatment options.

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