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Hip Joint Injection Aftercare

Four to Six Hours after the Injection

You may take your regular medicines after the procedure, except -- please limit pain medication within the first four to six hours after the injection. This helps us to measure the therapeutic and diagnostic benefits of the injection.

First Few Days

The time period following your hip joint injection is important. The numbing medicine injected into your hip joint should reduce pain. However, during this time, pain may feel worse. This may be due to the joint distention caused by the injection of fluid medications. Usually, within two or three days the steroid takes effect and pain reduces.

On the day after the procedure, you may return to your regular activities. As pain improves, begin regular exercise and activities in moderation. Most activities can be performed as long as you do them in moderation.

After 10 Days

If there is no pain improvement within 10 days after your injection, it is unlikely a second injection will work. Additional diagnostic tests may be ordered.

Physical Therapy

Pain relief affords you an opportunity to more fully participate in physical therapy. PT is important to building flexibility and strength. Your physician may prescribe a structured plan of therapeutic exercise.


After your hip joint injection, you will keep a pain diary, which you will bring with to share with your pain management physician.

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