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Lumbar (Low Back) Spinal Nerves

In the lumbar spine there is 5 pair of spinal nerves. Each pair of nerves provides sensation and function to parts of the body. Just as the levels of the lumbar spine are abbreviated, the spinal nerve pairs are numbered in a corresponding way. The L1 nerve roots exit the left and right sides between the first and second lumbar vertebrae (L1-L2). L5 exits between the last lumbar vertebra and the sacrum (L5-S1).


Each pair of nerve roots exit the spinal column and branch out into the body forming the peripheral (outer) nervous system. These nerves innervate the body and enable movement (motor function) and feeling (sensory function). The illustration depicts this pattern called dermatomes. Your doctor uses the dermatomal pattern to help diagnose the location of your spinal problem based on where you have pain or weakness.


Treatment of Spine Pain

If you are interested in learning about the cause and treatment of your pain problem, please contact our pain management experts at The Spine and Pain Institute of New York in Manhattan, New York and Staten Island, New York. We would be happy to make an appointment for a consultation and provide additional information about other treatment options.

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